Athlete Management

Make YOU stand out.

A lot has changed regarding relationships in the outdoor industry, and it means more now when you add “advocate” of your passions, and being a good human to your athletic abilities.

Maybe you want to focus on performing and less on administration and logistics when it comes to being a professional athlete and/or influencer.

Maybe you want to turn climbing (or insert other sport here) into something more. Whatever it is, having a professional advocate for you can make all the difference.

Make YOU stand out.

Are you having trouble finding sponsorships? Do you have a hard time advocating for yourself when it comes to negotiating? Do you wish you knew how to contact the right person from your dream brand?

I can help find the right brands for you!

“Bree has managed all my sponsorships/partnerships/collaborations for the past three years. Having her take care of administration and negotiations lets me focus on and maintain my training and accomplishments. Having a manger advocate for me has made the possibility of pursuing my dreams possible. I used to have a hard time selling myself. Bree has elevated my relationships with brands immensely, and helped me realize the true value I bring to sponsors as not only professional climber, but as a good human being.”

— Alex Johnson, Professional Climber


In addition to having a masters degree in Strategic Communication (M.S.C) specializing in athlete brand relationships, I have four years of experience in creating partnerships and sponsorships between athletes and brands.

I have worked with multiple outdoor brands in an athlete manager role. These brands include Prudential, Special K, Hyundai, Yeti, Hydroflask, Athletic Brewing CO, Rise Brewing CO, Marmot, Black Diamond, Mountain Hardwear, Friction Labs, Tension, Grasshopper, Adidas Terrex, Evolv Sports, Trango, and more!

I have also partnered non-competitive brands with each other for campaigns that revolve around an athlete and add to their personal brand.

Negotiating is easier for someone who knows how to sell you, and has experience in knowing the balance of price points for athletes beginning to enter the realm of notoriety, and the athletes that have major platforms where help with organizing and administration can let them perform at their best.

My purpose for you is to curate partnerships, eliminate the distractions of keeping up with contract deliverables, social postings, and communications, and to negotiate the right pricing on behalf of what you have to offer to brands as an athlete/influencer.